Wednesday 22 May 2013

Review: Biomechanimal - 'Renegade 2.0'

'Renegade 2.0' 

London based electro-industrial duo Biomechanimal are making a name for themselves fast on the UK industrial scene, and upon listening to their début EP 'Renegade 2.0' its easy to understand why. Their sonic formula is simple but incredibly dance friendly; mixing pulsing bass, hard beats and catchy synth hooks, it pretty much ticks all the boxes for a full-on dance floor assault.

Opening with the toe-tapping beat of 'Renegade 2.0' the band start as they mean to go on with a minimalistic approach to song construction that has a nice old school feel to it and a very catch lead, bass, beat and vocal combination. 'Broken Wings' gets a little more complex and layered in its construction but feels a little bit flat in the chorus, which is a shame as this is the song with the most live sing-a-long potential on the EP. 'The Stars Are Wrong' on the other hand is pure club fodder with a bouncy bassline and infectious lead synth melody that will definitely get bodies on the dance floor.

The band themselves already have some high-profile remixes to their name, so it's no surprise then that the bonus remixes of the title track for this EP they have received in turn from Wormz and Telemark are both excellent quality. Wormz take the song in a more hardstyle direction playing up the dance potential some more. However Telemark take things in an unexpected but very enjoyable electro-metal direction.

This is a strong first step for the band. They're making all the right moves and rather than pandering to any particular style, they're crafting their own. The production could use a little more spit and polish to get the most out of the catchy but slightly flat sounding choruses. But for the first EP this is promising stuff that will have a lot of people taking notice.

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