Tuesday 28 May 2013

The Jesus Cleaver releases 'Life In Clouds' charity album

Australian dark alternative outfit, The Jesus Cleaver, has released a limited edition version of their album 'Life In Clouds', with all proceeds from the sales going to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

The album includes the current single 'Europa', as well as bonus tracks (including the 'Queen of Siam' mix by John P Shea of 'Fetish') and a rare live recording of the band.

The No. 1 copy of the Limited Edition is also being auctioned on eBay (authorised by the Foundation), at
with all proceeds going to the Foundation.

Track List:

1. Mercy
2. Girl With No Name
3. New Day
4. Life In Clouds
5. Empty
6. Oramics Interlude
7. Europa

8. Confidence
9. Dogmachine – Fetish (Queen of Siam Mix, May 2001)
10. Live At Statik (Brisbane, 18 April 2002)

For more information on The Jesus Cleaver, and to keep up-to-date with their forthcoming releases, please visit their official website.

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