Wednesday 29 May 2013

Review : Murder Love God - 'Alter Of Evolution'

'Alter Of Evolution' 

Murder Love God have simultaneously released their third album, 'Death Circle Blues' along with a remix version entitled 'Alter of Evolution'.

Intravenous have only been sent the remix album to review, although we did listen to assorted 'original' versions of the track for brief comparison, however the tracks on 'AoE' sound fine in their own right, so we didn't go too far into spot-the-difference.

The Milwaukee combo are clearly influenced by Marilyn Manson, even if not listed in their bio, but certainly the tracks here are better than anything Mr Warner has put out in well over a decade, so if that's your bag then you could almost stop now and go and buy the album.

'Defuser' is a meaty opener to the album, choppy grinding rhythms and a charming sing-a-long coda of “Hey, you, back the fuck off!”
It's a piercing and frantic opener to the album, it commands your immediate attention.

By contrast, 'Going to Hell' is downtempo, but has a mixture of ideas going on. A piano intro setting the scene and assorted trip-hop influences keeps it a varied and interesting track.

For the best part though, the album is rockier and solid. The odd addictive hook thrown in here and there, “Come on baby/ don't say maybe / God can't save me / Burn me like a Witch” on 'Witch' or the repetitive drones of “Murder Everyone” on '38'.
It'll have you singing along in no time. (Note : Intravenous strongly recommending not walking around in public chanting “Murder Everyone” you get more than looked at for being-a-bit-weird).

Though lyrics, “Hey, another day has come / It's time to murder everyone”, does suggest there is a worrying theme on this album, haha.

Perhaps though, the juvenile 'Kill Everyone' may be off-putting for some, which is a shame because it's generally a neat release.

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