Friday 31 May 2013

The weekly compendium 31/05/2013

What a busy week it has been. It may have been a day shorter due to the bank holiday, but we still crammed a hell of a lot in for you.

We've had plenty of news stories this week for one thing... with reports coming in from The Jesus Cleaver, Jenn Vix and Dirk Ivens, Kervorkian Death Cycle and Deconbrio. We've also had a big list of new reviews for you to assimilate including Murder Love God, Siva Six, XP8 and loveliescrushing.

The jewel in this week's crown though was our interview with Stephen Carey of The Eden House as we got to the bottom what it's like working on such a unique project.

Over on facebook we were intrigued by the BBC reports into the state of the UK record industry – first with a write up on Cherry Red Records and then with two articles on how UK labels are / aren't investing in emerging talent. It made for interesting reading, especially considering the reports on music format sales and independent record shops from earlier in the year. This in turn provoked us to add a poll to the facebook page to try and get some insights into what the public want and what labels actually sell. Go here to vote and comment.

In addition to this we celebrated as it was announced that a new Nine Inch Nails album is on the way. As well as a new musical project in a post-punk/industrial vein from Slipknot & Murderdolls man Joey Jordison. Finally Suicide Commando has let slip some new tour dates for the end of the year.

Right. That's all for this week. I'm heading down to London for a couple of days next week so here are my apologies in advance if there is a break in regular service. In the meantime here is a new lyric video from Aesthetic Perfection...

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