Wednesday 14 May 2014

3̤̱͕͢ ̱̣͕̜̀͟͜T̹̜̗͈̠̼̀Ę̶̻E̵̢̤̩T̢̡͕̦̥̦͍̟̳̩ͅH̰̼̺͎ – '3Teeth'


"Make sure you play it loud" the band told me as I downloaded the new album from the enigmatic L.A based group '3̤̱͕͢ ̱̣͕̜̀͟͜T̹̜̗͈̠̼̀Ę̶̻E̵̢̤̩T̢̡͕̦̥̦͍̟̳̩ͅH̰̼̺͎'. What happened next I will try my best to explain.

3̤̱͕͢ ̱̣͕̜̀͟͜T̹̜̗͈̠̼̀Ę̶̻E̵̢̤̩T̢̡͕̦̥̦͍̟̳̩ͅH̰̼̺͎ have been creeping out the murky fog of America's West coast now for about a year, feeding us 
songs and remixes on Soundcloud, as well as propaganda music videos and images to reflect upon on many
social networking sites, but finally the news has arrived, the début album is now here!

Tracks you may already know include the incredible 'Nihl', the death deifying 'Pearls 2 swine' and the ear 
ripping 'Consent' but there are more tracks that will give you glorious nightmares for the rest of the year.
The best of the stuff you may have already heard is undoubtedly 'Master of Decay'. It's the fetish scenes new anthem with a beat that sounds like a whip being struck across a persons' back, a warped synth that will melt your mind and a vocal that will chill your bone.
Many others have a similar merit, 'Unveiled' plays out like an Eastern wall lullaby. It sits sad and lonely, waiting for the Hoff to come and 'set it free'. It's the closest this album has to a ballad and it doesn't disappoint. There is also 'Dissolve' with it's drug inducing play that reminds you of early Noisuf-x mixed with Skinny Puppy licking the back of your neck, and 'X-Day' which could have risen from the crypt of White Zombie with added bite.

This album can appeal to many different types of industrialist. There's 'Final Product' for the TBM stompers, 'Dust' for the 80's Rivetheads and even 'Chasm' and 'Too far gone' for those who like it Gothic and horror-score infused. Never has Industrial music been this dark and frightening since the Broken Movie!  There is no denying that these guys are waging war on all the drab M.O.R. stuff over the last few years, with acts like Godflesh, Psychic TV, TKK, Revco, Ministry, Front 242, V.A.C and many more right behind them. They are the cavalry, and be alert for their call!

"Make sure you play it loud" the band said. I did; Now I'm telling you to do the same.

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