Wednesday 28 May 2014

Review: Grypt – 'Firelighter/Arbitrary Dates'

'Firelighter/Arbitrary Dates'

The modern electronic scene has certainly received a well overdue shot in the arm since the “witch house” phenomena. If you are to believe the various threads and forums dedicated to the subject, it's debatable whether it even exists as a genre. But what isn't debatable is it's influence on the latest generation of underground bands. Blending the dance friendly beats and melodies of modern electro slowed down and injected with the kind of healthy experimentalism that industrial originally fostered. The end result is a jarring blend of the sublime and the subversive.

Another band feeling the influence is Grypt. A duo hailing from Oakland USA, who's psychedelic, down-tempo electronica can only be summarised as sounding like a cross between Cindergarden and Δaimon.

This 'Firelighter/Arbitrary Dates' is the band's second release so far and already shows a big jump in quality. 'Firelighter' is a daemonically psychedelic track that evokes the 90's grunge-tinged goth of Jack Off Jill with it's slow bass and jangling melody, but throw in the ultra-slow beat and discordant beats and it becomes a much more sinister beast. 'Coven' is a short instrumental interlude that wouldn’t be out of place on the soundtrack to a remake of a 1970's British folk horror movie. The final original track, 'Arbitrary Dates' is a slow and slithering piece that is again very bassey, but rather more subtle that 'Firelighter' but nonetheless just as infectious.

WMX's 'Bestial Mouths' remix of 'Firelighter' gives the original a daring but still faithfully cacophonous dance floor re-working. Where as the 'Digital Gnosis' remix of 'Arbitrary Dates' sees the original spun into a haunting piece that makes great use of some harpsichord sounds.

'Firelighter/Arbitrary Dates' is a very fine release that Grypt should push hard and capitalise on. The multi-faceted vocal style and subtle but subversive style of experimentation should rightly find a global audience. Hopefully a full-length release won't be too far round the corner to really show off what this promising duo can do.

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