Monday 12 May 2014

END: the DJ's Top Club Music Picks May 2014

From the most decorated night clubs with full on deco, lighting and lasers to the darkest underground dance floors, these new tracks are smoking up playlists and catching everyone’s attention. Some of these tracks are new, some yet to be released hence only the links to their labels or main website. Keep up with these releases and stay on the edge! Read on: 

Front Line Assembly- 'Next War' - Metropolis Records
From the latest remix album Echoes- is another masterpiece of a new original FLA track. The lyrics are incredible and the beat perfectly matches up. Love the breaks in this track, and you’ll love the remixes on the entire album featuring work by Rhys Fulber, Blush Response and many more. Put this one on repeat listening!

Hardom- 'La Rebelion (Feyser Remix)'- Rawhard Audio Records
This one thumps hard, like a stomp-inducing track with a slight noise touch that stole away with some breakbeat and dark-tech. I’m loving all that Rawhard Audio has been releasing and this “La Tormenta” EP from Hardom is no exception. Just listen to this remix (also love Loso’s remix of the title track) and it’s an instant keeper.  

Energun- 'Black Quarks (Daegon Remix)'- Rawhard Audio Records
More Rawhard awesomeness. This remix on the Black Quarks EP release from Energun is hard and heavy. Dark tech, a touch of noise and a small reminder of a more mechanic EBM sound.  

Division 4- 'Silent Talking'- Green Mono Records
Green Mono’s the other fantastic label I’ve been fortunate to come across in 2014; each track release seem as progressive anthems and are a staple of today’s club sound. The bass and flow of this track is so smooth and melodic, it instantly catches anyone looking to move on the dance floor. Look this one up, you’ll be happier for it. 

A.E.C.- 'Pain'- Solid Grey Sky Recordings
A nicely done track from a great project by Tyler Newman of Informatik and Battery Cage. Love the production work plus the male and female vocal styles. You’ll find this one on the new album release “Sex.Drugs.Sequence”. Keep your ears open for this one. 

Javi Santana- 'Cat Zombie'- Supermarket Records
From the Spain label we have a hard-hitting track that keeps a pretty edgy and punchy bass rhythm that kept me interested in the first few seconds. Supermarket’s known for dance heavy tracks- this one has some of their best rhythm work yet this year. 

Kryonix- 'Face Your Fears'- [self-release]
I was fortunate to have Kryonix give me a heads-up on this fantastic harsh-EBM mover; I’d be amazed if this track wasn’t picking up everyone’s attention in the months ahead. Looking forward to future works that Kryonix will have to offer after this one.  

Consumer Junk- 'Pushed'- [self-release]
From the “Gruftibahn 11” album which has a lot of well-done tracks, “Pushed” is but one of a number of diverse works that make the entire release stand out. Should be making some waves in Europe and internationally. 

A Spell Inside- 'Frei Sein'- Dark Dimensions Label Group
This new single from ASI is solid from the intro to the very first beat. Very powerful, almost an anthem of a track. Looking forward to hearing more new work! 

Quantum Shift- 'Fountain (Orlese Remix)'- Green Mono Records
Yes, yet another Green Mono label production done with expertise. Very well-textured and the melody stays with you. As the lyrics say, it “picks you up and sets you free”.  

Peter Groskreutz- 'Dust'- Login Records
Login Records keeps up the great minimal tech releases and yet this one has a more beat-driven flair and keeps you from standing still. The other tracks on the “Dust” EP release are also top-notch but I’m loving the title track. 

Beat Tempest- 'Beach In Winter'- C-Clone Records
This one is an energy driver, relentless and unforgiving. I love how it constantly connects in such a hard way. Another great one this year from Beat Tempest.

Artists / Producers that want to send any demos for consideration, email or contact at!

END: the DJ is a U.S. based DJ and artist with releases on Infacted Recordings, Nilaihah Records and CircuitHeads Digital. END tours internationally, supporting many dark electronic artists and labels plus has live mixes on U.S. and UK radio, Industrial Club Sessions. Look for the album Infactious Vol. 4 available now on Infacted Recordings.

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