Wednesday 14 May 2014

Review: Elastik – 'Rework'


French electro/dark-ambient band Elastik last emerged to release the torturous melancholic 'Instrumental EP' with its heavy use of orchestral instrumentation. They quickly receded into the shadows once more and have now prepared their latest EP offering in the form of 'Rework'.

It's no less sinister, although opting for a purer synthesized electro sound that makes good use of dance beats and ebm flirtations, the use of spoken vocals of Horor 4o4 on the first track 'Aporie' preserves the dark malice of its predecessor. While the trip-hop vibes of Malika's vocal contribution to the dance-orientated 'Cage' creates an end result is akin to Enigma discovering electro-industrial.

The EP throws a curve ball dark hip-hop style of 'Nexus' complete with the rap vocals of Hellby, who sounds like a cross between Saul Williams and Nivek Ogre... which isn't a bad thing. The EP is then rounded off by they spacey, ambient t instrumental 'Vapeur', which opts to let it's tinny trip-hop beats and delay-laden synths do the vocalising.

This is another great and varied EP from the elusive French band. It is dark, danceable and most importantly very memorable. Hopefully full-length album number three is just around the corner to give us a more satisfying taste of their talent.  

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