Tuesday 13 May 2014

Review: My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – 'Spooky Tricks'

'Spooky Tricks'

The vanguard of the industrial love revival return with their thirteenth outing. For over twenty-five years the name My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult has been synonymous with the legendary Wax Trax! roster of bands who promoted big beats, distorted vocals, catchy melodies and bizarre film samples. Yet TKK were never ones to dance to anyone else’s beat. Instead they forged ahead on their own path. The band that brought the world classics such as 'Kooler Than Jesus', 'A Daisy Chain 4 Satan' and 'Sex On Wheels' however haven’t released any new material since 2009's 'Death Threat', so legacy or no, the veterans find themselves with everything to prove once again.

Though 'Death threat was a return to their dark and bizarre roots, 'Spooky tricks' however immediately reasserts the bands sleazy-psychedelic disco rock blueprint, with the albums dance credentials quickly established across the first two tracks 'Room On The Moon', and 'Spooky Tricks'. Before the likes of 'Hell Kat Klub', 'Monti Karlo', 'Bella Piranha', 'Dope Freek', 'Sex Witch' take hold and steer the album through some of the strongest moments in the band's back catalogue. It's a lighter record in tone, with a more dance-orientated core, but from start to finish it is classic TKK.

There is a definite bias towards letting the music do the brunt of the work, and keeping the lyrics minimal. However this only makes the vocals more grabbing, with every track held together by Groovy's sinister croon, giving even the more up-tempo tracks a sinister hangover. The TKK disco bounce is as infectious as ever, and even despite the classic synth sounds, the album doesn't come off as dated in any way.

'Spooky Tricks' is a welcome return by one of industrial's most iconic acts and lives up to the high standards they have set themselves over the past quarter of a century. There are frequent nods to their classic tracks making this a pretty accessible album to get into even if you've only every heard the Wax Trax! classics which are still on heavy club rotation. Lets just hope the wait for a follow-up is a little shorter this time around.

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