Thursday 21 May 2015

Review: Red Sun Revival – 'Identities'


Hot on the heels of last year's 'Embers' EP, London-based gothic rockers Red Sun Revival return with their second full-length studio album in the form of 'Identities'. The band continue to blaze a path that defines what modern gothic rock should be moving between dark and dreamy atmospheres, and heavy grooves. The band, led by Rob Leydon, have over the course of their releases crafted a presence that has seen them join the likes of The Eden House to aim beyond the confines of genres and conventions and to push their song writing further, and 'Identities' is no exception.

The album keeps the hallmarks that we've come to know of the past couple of releases: the jangling guitars, deep expressive vocals, throbbing bass and atmospheric keyboards and continues to push this simple set-up in new and interesting directions. Songs such as 'Echoes', 'The Reckoning', 'Fade In Time' and 'In Your Name' draw on the likes of The Mission, The Cure and Fields Of The Nephilim which gives the album a steady and accessible level for fans of traditional gothic rock to instantly find a rapport with.

While the likes of 'Four Walls', 'Mistakes', 'The Condemned Part I', 'The Condemned Part II' and 'The Awakening' take a more progressive stance and make good use of extra instrumentation and playing with their musical formula to create some genuinely inspired music.

The production is crisp and clear and sounds like the sort of quality you'd expect from a band who are aiming high. It has a retro slant not unlike the classic albums by The Mission, but it preserves a modern dreamy quality favoured by the likes of The Eden House.

'Identities' continues to develop the band's sounds and push them as song writers. The end result is a mature and high quality collection that hints at even better to come. This album should quite rightfully put the band on the map and fans of guitar based gothic rock should quite rightly embrace it.  

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