Thursday 28 May 2015

Review: Ruinizer – 'Decimation In H.D.'

'Decimation In H.D.'

The arch duke of swaggrotech Jay Ruin returns with the second instalment of his post-Cedigest project 'Ruinizer'. The Ruinizer name has made quite a few appearances over the past year as a remixer for other artists, usually resulting in a stand-out contribution each time. But if this has been your only exposure to Ruinizer so far, prepare yourself for a big shock to the system. The genre-blending, and witty 'Decimation In H.D.' picks up the chaos left by it's predecessor 'Mechanical Exhumation Of The Antichrist' as it melds electro-industrial with elements of trap, hip-hop, drum 'n' bass, dubstep, and metal to create a fresh, modern and exciting take on the genre.

Songs like 'Doomsday Device', 'Devilution' (featuring Surgyn), 'Decimation In H.D.' (featuring Avarice In Audio), 'The Face Of Chaos', and 'Fukdat' give the album a firm club-friendly footing with hard dance beats, aggressive electronics and demonic vocals making them must-haves for dance-floor consumption.

While tracks such as 'All Hail The Might!', 'Mechanichrist', 'Go To Hell' (featuring Seraphim System), and 'Somewhere Between God And the Machine' show the depth and skill of Ruin's song writing talent as they blend experimental electronics, down-tempo beats and urban hooks to create some genuinely inspired and intelligent work.

The production on the album is gritty, but clear. Again like the music it walks a fine line between industrial aggression and more modern electronic flavours. But it works, and it works well. All the elements within the songs, no matter how harsh and distorted they may be, are all easy to pick out, while the bass and beats have the power they need to penetrate the chest.

'Decimation In H.D.' is one hell of a beast. Its big, bold, brash and brutal. It melds genres with ease as it stays true to the experimental origins of industrial but brings in influences of a myriad of modern styles. The second album for any band is supposed to be tricky, but Jay Ruin has just gone ahead and kicked the door down with this one.  

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