Thursday 12 May 2016

Review: Adoration Destroyed – 'Carnal Dirge'

'Carnal Dirge'

from the mind of Erik Gustafson of 16 Volt fame comes the dark electronic pop act Adoration Destroyed release their sexy new single 'Carnal Dirge' on Cleopatra Records. Blending modern edm influences with elements of synthpop, darkwave, industrial, and ebm, the band present a fresh, dark and sensually dance friendly sound that will appeal to fans of classic acts as well as newcomers to the genre.

The title track is a smouldering blend of steady dance beats, grooving bass and rhythmic dance leads that will play well to dancefloors around the world. The second track is a cover of Til Tuesday's 'Voices Carry' which has a great rhythmic intro before going into a nice bass-heavy, dark dance anthem. The single is completed with a remix of the title track from their previous single, 'In Elegant Decay', courtesy of Cynical Existence which adds a nice blend of harsh and melodic to the original .

The production is tight. It is dark, dance-friendly and the songs sound nice and modern while keeping an air of classic appeal. To be honest though it is the level of skill that you would expect from a project featuring members of 16 Volt and Black December.

This is a great single featuring three great tracks with instant appeal. The future looks bright for this dark electro-pop project. The trio have the skill and the songs have the quality they need to grab people's attention. Adoration Destroyed will be one to watch.  

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