Friday 6 May 2016

Review: Ancst – 'Moloch'


Berlin's Ancst have been flying the flag for blackened crust since 2011 and their new album 'Moloch' is a fine muster point for believers to rally behind. With elements of black metal, crust and post-hardcore simmering the band present a frantic and urgent sound that grabs you by the collar and spits venom at you. The band's strong anti-fascist, anti-sexist, and anti-religious themes set their sights on the politics modern living and eviscerate them with savage disregard.

Ancst may have only been around for a few years but they have already amassed a treasure trove of releases to dot, so they certainly know what they're doing here. The band can be compared to the likes of Iskra, Cara Neir, Downfall Of Gaia, and Tragedy in certain respects with the strong blend of hardcore punk and black metal intertwining with melodic moments but still with a pointed ferocity.

Songs such as 'Moloch', 'Skies Of Out Infancy', 'Strife', 'Human Hive', and 'Lys' typify the band's strongest combination of elements – the blasting drums, heavy riffs, tortured vocals and flailing grooves – which sound absolutely fierce and propel the album along.

In respect to the production it does favour the treble which makes the drums sound a little thin in places and allows the bottom end to become swamped. This is a fairly standard issue though that occurs throughout crust and black metal though and it its just a matter of preference that doesn't detract at all from the songs themselves.

'Moloch' is a short, sharp attack that means business. It is relentless in it's aggression and crammed full of the kind of tracks that will have you starting a pit in a supermarket. The band have honed their sound well and the performance and execution of this album is seriously tight. This will be an act to keep an eye on over the years.  

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