Thursday 26 May 2016

Review: In Death It Ends – 'Servitors'


In Death It Ends is an incredibly prolific project. Wrapped in secrecy and with a minimum of information ever released about any releases the project from former Rosetta Stone and Misery:Lab man Porl King has created a unique monster from parts of classic post-punk and proto-gothic/industrial and melded them with modern witch house elements. The project has kept a steady visual aesthetic through artwork and limited merchandise as well that has reinforced the intrigue amongst fans.

'Servitors' is the latest in a long-line of free releases from IDIE that recently have become a get it while you can offer through the band's website. These releases vary greatly in style with some more experimental, and some more raw and punk in construction. But each one feels valid and complete and not just something release for the sake of it.

The new EP delves into experimental electronics with the five tracks – 'Kritanta', 'Sephtis', 'Morana', 'Valdis', and 'Lefu' – built around a similar formula of a core of steady rhythms and bass lines with retro analogue synthesizers breaking up the the entrancing rhythms. The result is a nice retro flavoured new wave feel that feels dark yet futuristic but characteristically haunting atmospherically.

The production is great as usual. King maintains a wonderfully low-fi feel to the recording but simultaneously gives the album a nice sharp and modern edge with a nice sense of space expressed by every track.

Again this is another solid if short release from King that will appeal to long-time fans as well as anyone into retro-flavoured post-punk with a minimalistic experimental slant. It may be free but it is still a high-quality addition to an already burgeoning back catalogue.  

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