Wednesday 25 May 2016

Review: Angelspit – 'Cult Of Fake'

'Cult Of Fake'

Angelspit return with their sixth full-length album and first on new label Negative Gain Productions. 'Cult Of Fake' sees Zoog and co return in ambitious form. The album is locked and loaded with dancefloors firmly in its sight. Yet it retains a deceptively complex construction that sees their signature crunchy electropunk style revisit samples used in earlier recordings and working them into a fresher and more modern sound. The lyrical content is as witty and full of punk rock attitude as ever and there are so many potential club tracks to choose from that long-time fans will find this an easy album to get their teeth into.

Songs such as 'Thanks For Your Cooperation', 'Cult Of Fake', 'New Devil', 'Out For Blood', 'Happy Murderland', and 'Disaster Porn' are crammed full of big beats, dirty synth bass, sing-a-long lyrics and nasty leads. While the likes of 'Breath', and 'My Little Blade' delve into real old school 80s territory with 'My Little Blade' particular resembling Fad Gadget to add a different slant to the track list.

The production is tight and fresh, geared up for dance floors. B ut it is also a very listenable record. The lyrics are great and meaningful, and the vocals remain nicely mixed throughout so you still get the full benefit of their impact. That's something that sometimes can get lost in albums with a strong dance agenda but in this case it has balanced well.

'Cult Of Fake' is a great album, easily one of the best Angelspit releases so far. There is a great balance of industrial dance and vehement punk rock attitude balanced out quite nicely across all the tracks. Long-time fans will be able to pick this up with ease and it will undoubtedly still attract new fans through casual listeners purely on the strength of the songwriting and composition at work here. Definitely a must have for industrial fans.  

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