Tuesday 24 May 2016

Review: Rhombus – 'Purity & Perversion'

'Purity & Perversion'

Two years on from their last full-length album Yorkshire's Rhombus return with a brand new EP of gothic rock anthems more satisfying than a Sunday lunch with all the trimmings. The band have been on an undeniable upward trajectory since the release of 2010's 'Open The Sky' which saw the band firmly consolidate their musical ideas which they continued to expand on the 'Anywhere' EP and 'Here Be Dragons' album over the following years. In that time there has been a lineup change, but this hasn't held them back or limited them. Instead the band push forward their ideas and build on the solid foundation they have been toiling on over the past few years.

'Purity & Perversion' – in particular the Deluxe Version – is a great example of modern guitar orientated gothic rock. The EP was originally released last year and the original tracks have been re-recorded to include the vocals of Alixandrea Corvyn and the track list expanded to include a brand new track as well as a cover of Das Projekt's 'Adrianne Dances' and a remix for good measure. It's enough to make you sweat.

Tracks such as 'Mythos', 'Shimmer', 'Daylight', 'A Moment Today', and 'Written In My Eyes' are prime examples of the band's songwriting ability and how it has continued to grow and expand, becoming more powerful and dynamic while maintaining that core of grooving bass, sharp riffs and the mix of male and female vocals. The band's cover of gothic rockers Das Projekt's 'Adrianne Dances' takes the no frills and somewhat basic gothic rock construction of the original and rebuilds it into a track that is 100% Rhombus.

The production sounds great throughout the album. The band sound huge throughout every song and it is evident that they are learning with every single release. The synthesizers and drums give the songs an epic sense of space while the vocals, bass and guitars cut through the atmosphere to drive the songs forward.

This is another great release from a band that are solidifying their legacy as one of the country's strongest gothic rock acts for a long time. Strong, powerful and most importantly high qualirt, 'Purity & Perversion' is a must have for any fan of gothic rock. Hopefully the band will be back with another full-length release in the near future as well.

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