Monday 23 October 2017

Armalyte Industries to release 's 'Wrecked' Deluxe Vinyl & Der Prosector's 'Egregious' EP

<PIG> - 'Wrecked' (Remastered) Deluxe Vinyl.

Previously only available on PIG's recent 'Prey & Obey' US tour, we have finally gotten stock in of this deliciously deluxe vinyl edition of 'Wrecked'. Fully remastered from the original DATs, this definitive collection features ALL the tracks from both the original Japanese and American releases, along with the bonus 'Fuck Me I'm Sick (As Fuck)' remix and the never-before-heard 'Strength Thru Submission', all rendered on two discs of 180g heavyweight vinyl. The artwork has been beautifully reassembled by original artist Stephen Lovell-Davis to take full advantage of the greater scope afforded by the gatefold sleeve, and each copy comes with a double-sided lyric sheet signed by Raymond Watts and also a download card.

Der Prosector - 'Egregious' EP Deluxe Vinyl.

Continuing our theme of glorious vinyl, our newest signings, Der Prosector, have their killer debut issued as a strictly limited edition (only 100 copies) of disturbing, blood splattered vinyl. Featuring Ged Denton (C-Tec and Crisis NTI), Jules Seifert & Neil Hester (The Sepia), and Digby Denton (Frogs of War), Der Prosector specialise in kicking out industrial strength punk jams.
To order your copy, click here.

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