Monday 23 October 2017

Artoffact sign Actors

Artoffact Records is pleased to announce the signing of their newest band to the roster, Vancouver-based post-punk group ACTORS. The term "post-punk", like many terms with a similar prefix, is firmly planted in a time in history, and signifies an added precision and experimentation to a thrilling genre that has echoed forward in both style and attitude.

Singer/Guitarist Jason Corbett comments “ACTORS have been careful about what we work on and release to the world. Music is art, and art can be very intimate and personal. We’re excited that Artoffact Records understands this. Working together was an obvious step for us to take.”

The debut full-length album, ‘It Will Come To You’, will be released early 2018 with pre orders starting in a couple of weeks. More information to follow, but for now you can familiarize yourself with the band by watching the video (directed by Michi Hayashi) for “How Deep Is The Hole – Reanimated” HERE. The song was originally recorded in 2014 as a b-side to the single 'Like U Want 2' then later it was remastered and re-released on the 'Reanimated' EP earlier this year. 

Jacek Kozlowski, co-owner of Artoffact Records comments "I have huge respect for Jason Corbett as a producer -- he's worked his magic on some of Vancouver's best bands. And with ACTORS, he's put together a group of serious musicians with deep roots and talent, so it was a natural fit for the Artoffact roster."

The Jason Corbett-led outfit ACTORS are standing on the shoulders of titans with their brand of the style, and could almost be referred to as "post-post-punk". In a period where we narrowcast rather than broadcast so fans and new music-seekers can firmly plant themselves in a niche, Corbett takes swings at creating sounds and production techniques that one would not usually find in a starter package of cliché plugins and samples.

Backed by a stoic yet playful backing band, the frontman shows an enthusiasm while performing and recording that often isn't seen or heard in his preferred genre. Often seen at festivals as one of the only acts with live instrumentation, the velocity created by having a live group of musicians brings back the listener to a time where players actually performed alongside one another in the studio, rather than being comped or programmed. Those who choose not to embrace and study history are often lazy repeaters, but an act like this knows where to cherry pluck from the past and where to build upon it.  

Jason Corbett - Vocals/Guitar 
Shannon Hemmett - Synth/Vocals 
Jahmeel Russell - Bass/Vocals 
Adam Fink - Drums  

ACTORS: Bandcamp / Facebook

ARTOFFACT RECORDS: Bandcamp / Facebook

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