Monday 16 October 2017

Review: Ludovico Technique – 'Absence'


It's been a while since the impressive debut from Ludovico Technique, 'Some Things Are Beyond Therapy', and it's companion EP, 'We Came To Wreck Things' were released. But that time away doesn't seem to have been misspent as the latest single 'Absence' can attest.

Whereas the band's debut showed a harder more aggrotech infused sound, the latest track is a darker and more sensual affair. Deep, clean vocals drive the song forward while the dance-orientated ebm meets electo-industrial backing with it's subtly spooky leads, big beats and gritty guitar riff come together for an undeniably catchy slice of goth infused industrial.

The single features four remixes from Grendel, Shiv-r, Massive Ego, and Leaether Strip, each of whom add a different spin to the original with a lot of success. Grendel keep things dance-friendly and play up the ebm elements a little more. Shiv-r set the bass and the beats to max for an absolute banger. Massive Ego strip things back a little for a more atmospheric turn that erupts into big choruses. While Leaether Strip again play up the ebm elements with an old school flavoured interpretation.

In terms of production the single is a solid dance track with the different instruments coming together in a nice fresh and modern production style that does show development from the first album. The only real sticking point is with the deeper and more sensual vocal delivery comes the danger of the quieter portions becoming harder to hear. It isn't a massive issue but it is noticeable in a few spots.

This is a strong single that hints a some very cool potential directions for the next Ludovico Technique album. It's catchy, memorable and has sing-a-long potential. Basically everything you'd want in a lead single. It will undoubtedly see inclusion in plenty of club nights going forward. Hopefully a full-length release isn't too far behind.  

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