Monday 9 October 2017

Review: Wiccid – 'By Design'

'By Design'

Erie Loch has worked with some major names including Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Rob Zombie, Prong, Pig, PWEI, NIN, Marilyn Manson, and Lords Of Acid to name just a few. As well as being a member of acts such as Dream In Red, Blownload, and Exageist. His latest endeavour Wiccid sees him along with collaborator Crash blend electro-industrial, synthpop, and futurepop elements for a darkly melodic, yet refreshingly upbeat album that should find favour with both DJs and live audiences alike.

Songs such as 'Ash', 'Torn', 'Inhuman Nature', 'Tomorrow Without Fear', 'Lights', 'The reconstructing Gods', and 'Prey Predator' see the album gain a solid grounding with their blend of dance-friendly beats, grooving bass lines and infectious melodies. There is an undeniable pop-twist to the songs but they still retain a darkness and aggression that channels itself into an uncompromising but methodical aggression.

In terms of production the album is incredibly polished for a first outing from a new project. Typically even veteran musicians when embarking on a new project tend to lose focus in places while trying to consolidate the direction of a band on the first release. But there's no issue like that here. It is sharp, focused and thoroughly modern. It balances heavier and lighter elements with ease, never sacrificing it's pop sensibilities, but without shying away from harder sounds.

This is a great first release from a band that should well be one to watch. They're already on a big tour with the likes of Lords Of Acid, Combichrist, En Esch, and Christian Death, and with songs like these they can easily hold their own against that lineup. Hopefully we'll see a follow-up release soon that capitalises on the great work ere.  

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