Monday 30 October 2017

Blutengel releases video for 'Black'

German Darkwave band BlutEngel, fronted by Chris Pohl, released the music video for 'Black', the first and lead single of the mini album of the same name. The track was previously included in the band's latest studio album, 'Leitbild' (Model, in English).
The video, directed by Silvan Büge, despite being pretty simple, includes the usual elements in the band's well known videos, characterised by playing with eroticism and Gothic aesthetics in unusual ways, in addition to this time include supernatural aspects of dark suburban fantasy.
Black, the mini album, consists on the title track, two remixes of it and five original songs, one of which, Blood Rain, is available to be reproduced in different portals. The disc is being sold on diverse digital stores.

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