Tuesday 17 October 2017

Review: Noir – 'Reburning'


Noir – the sensual darkwave/electronic project from Athan Maroulis (Spahn Ranch, Black Tape For A Blue Girl) – returns with 'Reburning' the remix companion to last years 'The Burning Bridge'. The blending of dark cabaret and darkwave electronics under the veteran guidance of Maroulis has quickly seen Noir become an act to watch with their stunning debut and EP releases so far.

This remix EP sees the title track from the previous EP get the remix treatment from The Rain Within, Decoded Feedback and Panic Lift. While the cover of Ministry's 'Same Old Madness' is remixed by Bestial Mouths.

Each remix offers up a very different take on the original with The Rain Within offering up a bouncy dance-infused mix. Decoded Feedback go into more atmospheric waters with their darker and more atmospheric mix. While Panic Lift go for an old school ebm meets synthpop construction interspersed with modern dubstep bass embellishments. Finally, Bestial Mouths give 'Same Old Madness' a suitably avant garde deconstruction that is both original and captivating.

The title track then sees two further versions in the form of a dark and sumptuous acoustic rendition that is utterly beguiling in it's dark atmospheric construction drawing on the likes of Peter Murphy. The final track descends into full-on neoclassical in the form of a cello-led instrumental rendition that is hypnotic and delicate.

There is a lot going on here from club-orientated dance numbers to avant garde, acoustic and classical. It is about as satisfying as a remix album can possibly get. It would be great to hear more acoustic/classical renditions of the Noir repertoire on future remix albums, perhaps even a dedicated album. But for now this is a tantalising glimpse into the depth and versatility of Noir while whetting the appetite for album number two, which will hopefully be round the corner. 

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