Tuesday 2 July 2013

Neil Gaiman returns to The Sandman

Acclaimed novelist Neil Gaiman (American Gods) is to return to the Sandman comic series later this year after nearly a decade away. 'The Sandman: Overture' will unite Gaiman with artist J.H. Williams III (Batwoman, Promethea) for a previously untold story in the endless mythos.

Speaking to the New York Times, Gaiman said:
“This is the one story that we never got to tell. In SANDMAN #1 Morpheus is captured somehow. Later on in the series, you learn he was returning from somewhere far, far away - but we never got to the story of what he was doing and what had happened. This is our chance to tell that story, and J.H. Williams III is drawing it. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world.”
'The Sandman: Overture' will be published by Vertigo bi-monthly from 30th October 2013 and will feature cover designs from the likes of Dave McKean as well as Williams. There will also be special edition versions of the comics that will include original scripts by Gaiman, additional concept art and sketches by Williams, Q&As.

For more information on The Sandman, please visit the Vertigo comics website. For more information on Neil Gaiman please visit his official website.

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