Wednesday 24 July 2013

Review: Junksista – 'Naked Wet Hot'

'Naked Wet Hot' 

The coitally-obsessed electro duo Junksista mark their return with a brand new EP in the form of 'Naked Wet Hot'. A club orientated precursor to their forthcoming full-length album that takes full advantage of the hot, sweaty weather and invites the listener to take off all their clothes.

The duo's beat orientated style is perfect dance fodder with its straight to the point hooks and pornographic funkiness. However the lyrics of 'Naked Wet Hot' are quite simply laughable. Explicitly sexual, their delivery is awkward and are quite frankly somewhat juvenile, as though they were originally scrawled on the door of a college toilet cubicle.

Returning to the band's mother tongue for 'Liebe 2.0' has a smother feel and the purred vocals definitely sound sexier and more exotic than it's predecessor. The pace picks up a little more and the song just feels a little more well rounded and appealing.

The remixes of the title track contributed by Dimension Flux and Pernau present the songvery different ways, but both gloss over the awkward feel of the original for a more appealing track. While Kant Kino's version of 'Liebe 2.0' gives the track a harder and more dynamic edge that invigorates the band's minimalistic style.

'Naked Wet Hot' isn't a spectacular offering from Junksista. Yes, the club appeal of both songs are without question, and yes, the title track is funny. But therein lies the problem, it's more funny than sexy.  

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