Thursday 18 July 2013

Review: Virgins O.R. Pigeons – 'Bleed To Lead'

'Bleed To Lead' 

Six years after their début 'Place No Reliance' hit the dance floor, Virgins O.R. Pigeons return with a four-track teaser lifted from their forthcoming sophomore effort. 'Bleed To Lead' is a spiky ebm single that shows just how well the band have been spending their time away from the spotlight.

The title track, 'Bleed To Lead', is a dark slice of hard, dance-friendly ebm punctuated by pumping bass and punky vocals in the vein of Dope Stars Inc. It sounds fresh and will no doubt be a guaranteed hit. The B-side, 'Time To Die', follows on nicely with its relentless pace and fist-in-the-air lyrics that the band seem to just pull off with ease.

The two remixes included, courtesy of Universal Trilogy and Christian Cambas, give the title track two very different re-workings. Universal Trilogy take the track down tempo and focuss on a more laid back groove. While Christian Cambas strips the song back to its bare essentials for his techno remix.

Although there are only two original songs here. They do already display a more mature style of songwriting and level of production that bodes well for the new album. If the full album features a few more tracks of this quality, then it will be a sure-fire hit for the band.

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