Monday 29 July 2013

Signal Aout 42 announce 'Inspiration'

Legendary Belgian ebm outfit Signal Aout 42 have announced that their sixth full-length studio album, 'Inspiration', will be released via Out Of Line records on 30th August 2013.

The album is the first in the three years since the release of 'Vae Victis'.

Track List:

1. Judgment Day
2. Race Of The Human Race
3. Sex Gadget
4. A Kind Of Joy
5. Oxygen
6. Light Of Terror
7. Freundschaft
8. B.Y.R.
9. Cabaret
10. Summer 79

'Inspiration' is available to pre-order now through the Out Of Line webshop. For more information on Signal Aout 42, please visit their official website.

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