Wednesday 17 July 2013

Review: Solitary Experiments - 'Trial and Error'

'Trial and Error' 

The group with their trademark red shirts and black ties give a taste of what can be expected from their album release 'Phenomena' this coming fall. Solitary Experiments brings to your mind a casting shadow of dark Gothic sounds, that encompass a body that makes you move in harmony, whether it be the depth of 'Do you Feel?' to the wind carving of 'Delight'.

A light trance tone begins 'Trial and Error' followed with a negative reflection that dark speed engages, and with the vocals of Dennis Schober the rise has begun. Straightening the hands with a knife edge glide, the build-ups bring you into a bolt of electronic body movement.

Accompanying this main track are remixes from the likes of Cellmod and Ivo Draganac. The extended cut version allows for an increased state of movement, that in some ways is more balanced for fast ballet. The likes of Cellmod bring a darker distortion pinnacle to the entrapping rhythm. The others give a more bright summer feeling to ‘Trial and error’ Especially the Rotersand rework and Splitter remixes.

Looking at the other tracks, the dark lust filled beat of ‘Delight (Dominatrix Remix)’ is a 180 degree turn from the original composition, but the evil brother will not disappoint. ‘Eye of The Storm (Ivardansphere Rmx)’ for one is preferred compared to the original due to its club applications.

Continuing with the remixes, they are a much brighter/summer pop corner of Solitary experiments; a liked option by the group, but maybe one too many. This opinion is in regards to ‘Déjà Vu (People Theatre's Neverending Rmx)’ and the last two remixes of ‘Trial and Error’.

For the desire of the EP, yes the keys of Michael Thielemann, the programming of Steve Graeber and the included drum hit of Frank Glaßl, give this desired effect. The remixes are a good script to add to the DJ set list for different environments, which is the greatest smile. Solitary Experiment's coming release is something to look forward to and this EP is certainly an appetiser.

Review by Dominic Lynch  (DJ LX-E)

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