Tuesday 29 October 2013

Artoffact Records to release Sólstafir / Legend split 7"

Canadian underground label Artoffact has announced the release of a very limited edition 7” vinyl split from Icelandic bands Sólstafir and Legend. The split will see each band cover one of the other's songs.

Sólstafir craft a post-metal version of one of Legend's 'Runaway Train'. While Legend reform Sólstafir's 'Fjara' into a dark-pop anthem.

The 7" vinyl features an exclusive photo by Icelandic artist Iris Sigurdardottir with the band-members lined up in a black room, side-by-side. The vinyl is available in two versions and limited to a total 300 copies worldwide, half of which have already been sold.

1. Crystal clear with silver (90 copies)
2. Crystal clear with little bit of mixed solid red (70 copies)

The 7” split is available to pre-order the Artoffact webshop. For more information on the bands, please visit their websites HERE and HERE.

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