Tuesday 1 October 2013

BlutEngel to release 'Once In A Lifetime'

Hot on the heels of the band's successful album 'Monument', Chris Pohl and BlutEngel have announced the release of a live CD, DVD and Blu-Ray for 1st November 2013 via Out Of Line.

Recorded live at Berlin’s traditional music hall “Huxley’s Neue Welt”, the concert saw Blutengel's Pohl and Goldmann backed by a selected ensemble comprised of piano, strings and percussion, plus stage dancers to present new workings of the band's hit-laden back catalogue.

The CD album features all 23 songs performed on the night, while the DVD/Blu-Ray presents them in 5.1 surround sound and also features glimpses behind the scenes of the tour, as well as the video clips and “making of”-documentaries for 'You Walk Away' and 'Kinder dieser Stadt'.

Track list: 

CD1 - Live in Berlin 2013
1. Legend (intro)
2. Nachtbringer
3. Tears Might Dry
4. Willst Du?
5. Vampire Romance
6. All These Lies
7. Deine Welt
8. Das andere Ich
9. Die With You
10. What You Get
11. Lebensrichter
12. Behind The Mirror

CD 2 - Live in Berlin
1. Lucifer
2. Uns gehört die Nacht
3. Reich mir die Hand
4. Save Our Souls
5. You Walk Away
6. Kinder dieser Stadt
7. Ein Augenblick
8. No Eternity
9. Bloody Pleasures
10. Engelsblut
11. Monument

DVD & BluRay Disc
Monument Tour 2012
1. Legend (intro)
2. Nachtbringer  
3. Tears might dry
4. Willst Du?
5. Vampire romance 
6. All theses lies
7. Deine Welt
8. Das andere ich
9. Die with you
10. What you get
11. Lebensrichter  
12. Behind the mirror
13. Lucifer   
14. Uns gehört die Nacht
15. Reich mir die Hand
16. Save our souls
17. You walk away  
18. Kinder dieser Stadt
19. Ein Augenblick
20. No eternity
21. Bloody pleasures 
22. Engelsblut
23. Monument

Bonus Material:
- Save our souls - Video Clip
- You walk away - Video Clip
- Kinder dieser Stadt - Video Clip
- Behind the scenes:  Blutengel LIVE Konzert, You walk away & Kinder dieser Stadt Video Clip
- After the show

'Once In A Lifetime' is available to pre-order now from the Out Of Line webshop. For more information on BlutEngel, please visit their official website.

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