Friday 18 October 2013

The weekly compendium 18/10/2013

It's been another busy week here at Intravenous Magazine with a lovely variety of articles for you to get stuck in to.

First off we had Dominic's interview with Skinjob, followed by another great column from Joel, We've also dropped our recommendations for All Hallow's Read, and for those who aren't into books we've got 50 horror films to add some terror to the Halloween season.

We've had reviews of the latest albums from Ohm and Takatsuna Mukai. Plus we've had news from Laibach, IIOIOIOII and the revelation that we are now sponsoring the fantastic Nortanz festival in December.

Over on Facebook we also had a teaser from Psyclon Nine, the new single from Dawn Of Oblivion, and free music from In Death It Ends and God Module.

If that's not enough then I don't know what is?

OK ten, to keep you going over the weekend... here's some old school Ministry.

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