Tuesday 8 October 2013

Kurt Dirt takes the piss!

B-Movie glory gore maker Kurt Dirt has announced his plans for his next tour, but instead of playing festivals and supporting artists he's decided to go the back passage entrance and tour the toilets of the UK.
"Toilet tour is slang amongst bands for playing in dives and run down bars, stated Dirt, but I wanted to interpret it literally. Partially as a "fuck you" to the whole pay to play culture and also cause some of my most life defining moments have taken place in public bathrooms (from nearly dying to loosing my virginity) so its my way of giving something back." 

The tour will be special for a numbers of factors, firstly the lack of energy outlets will mean the band will be playing from machines running on batteries, and the mic will be part of a telephone.  The second will be that the tour will be recorded on an old VHS camcorder.  "We figured that the blurry VHS tape quality will enhance the seedy vibe just like the old Wax Trax compilations I used to rent out back when I was a kid."

Even though there are venue dates, Kurt will not stop there.  His plans also move onto the public loos of any places that will have him.  His only problem being the new 'coin based' toilets found in the big cities.

The tour begins on the 2nd November in Manchester, and he is open to suggestions for more 'jiffy stops' along the way so for more details and if you want him to come to see you, catch him on his Official facebook page.

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