Thursday 6 November 2014

Review: 3Teeth – 'REMIXED'


Los Angeles based industrialists 3Teeth have taken the scene by storm with their incendiary self-titled début album. Taking in everything from old school industrial, rhythmic noise, harsh ebm, and dark electro filtered through an aggressive 21st century shock and awe. Their social media campaign has united a audio and visual in an engaging and exciting way that recalled the titans of the genres mainstream-infecting years.

Of course a remix album was on the card then. One thing about the début album was that for all it's strong beats and clandestine catchy melodies, was that it was heavy going perhaps for casual listeners. Therefore the band have secured some big names to extend their club-presence further into dance territory and complete their all out assault.

The band offer up five of their strongest cuts from the début album for reworking: 'Master Of Decay', 'Pearls 2 Swine', 'Nihil', 'Consent', and 'Final'. The album is arranged in sections with each song's remixes clumped together rather than being mixed up at random, which is interesting as despite the varied nature of the remixes it preserves some linearity in the listening experiences.

The remixes for the most part instil an added dance friendly quality to the tracks with the best contributions coming from Aesthetic Perfection, ∆aimon, Caustic, Myrrh Ka Ba, Randolph & Mortimer, Blkhrts, Freakangel, and Synesthesia adding ebm, techno and hip-hop elements to the source material.

As far as remix albums go, this is a very strong one. The source tracks were already song, but the variety and quality of the contributions from the other artists are also great. Each one brings something new and interesting to the fore and adds a new dimension to the band's sound. The production is solid all the way throughout and the final presentation is slick.

A lot of people can take or leave remix albums, but if you're going to take one, this is a good place to start. The tracks within provide some great club-friendly fodder that will surely keep-up the band's dance floor presence for quite a while to come.  

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