Wednesday 26 November 2014

Review: Cryogenica – 'From The Shadows'

'From The Shadows'

London's Cryogenica make a welcome return with their third full-length studio album 'From The Shadows' combining cool Siouxsie Sioux style vocals, Killing Joke rhythms and the visceral edge of Nine Inch Nails they have become a mainstay of the UK scene. Their mix of sensual gothic rock and gritty industrial rock is perhaps at its most complete here with a perfect mix of dance friendly grooves and hard guitars.

The album has a much more atmospheric edge to it this time around and even elements of shoegaze thrown in to give the tracks an added sense of dark psychedelia to the proceedings. Tracks such as 'Together', 'Lord Of The Flies', 'Solitude', 'Intrusion', 'No Regrets' and 'To The Sky' provide the backbone of the album with their memorable melodies and riffs framing Carina's seductive vocals and their ability to convey a sense of energy that will undoubtedly transfer to the live circuit. But it is perhaps the combination of the final two tracks 'Self-Made Man' and 'The Choice' that distil the full scope of their song-writing skills into some truly heavy and haunting music.

The production is pretty good for the most part. There is a distinctive rough edge to the album that works nicely with the dirty guitars and electronics, but also provides a nice counterpoint to the quieter and more delicate sections. It has the right amount of grit and the right amount of polish and lets all the individual elements move with ease for a very well rounded mix.

It's blatantly evident for anyone listening to 'From The Shadows' that Cryogenica are a hard working band, both on stage and in the studio. They have steadily honed their sound to an effective and memorable formula that will play very well to fans of both gothic rock and electro-industrial both in clubs and live. The band have definitely hit their stride, and long may it continue.  

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