Thursday 20 November 2014

Review: Dani'el – 'Redemption: The Book Pt. II'

'Redemption: The Book Pt. II'

A year after his début album 'The Book', Croatian electronic artist Dani'el returns with the follow-up EP 'Redemption: The Book Pt. II'. At only four tracks in length it is a short offering, but the songs make an impact. His brand of delicate and slightly ambient electro-pop recalls Moby as much as it does stalwarts of modern synthpop and futurepop and has a nice accessibility throughout despite some left field moves.

Dani'el's vocal delivery is ever present at the helm of the tracks. His style upbeat and somewhat ethereal as though he is singing in a choir of one. It works very well with the cool futuristic synth melodies and steady unobtrusive dance beats on 'Moonchild' and 'Redemption'. While 'Sensitive Boy' goes for a more retro sound that brings to mind late-90s Pet Shop Boys and sees Dani'el opt for a more clipped and slightly lower vocal style. The EP is rounded off with the club-orientated 'To Dare' with a more straight forward but nonetheless vocal performance set to an upbeat track that won't fail to draw people to the dance floor.

Despite the short length of the EP Dani'el has opted not to include the obligatory remixes to fill the excess space. And that's OK. The songs are potential club hits already, and without different versions tacked on the end, it makes a more complete and confident statement.

It is a shame that the EP is only four songs long and that they are all of average pop-song length. But 'Redemption: The Book Pt. II' is a strong release anyway. The production is crisp and modern, with a mix that is light and frames the excellent vocal performance well.

Dani'el is shaping up to be quite an exciting alternative pop musician. His vocals are great and the music is accessible yet has that nice alternative edge to it. The new EP should continue to see his stock rise in the electro-pop scene but hopefully a new album will be along sooner or later to really show how he has developed as an artist and solidify his presence.  

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