Wednesday 19 November 2014

Review: Avarice In Audio – 'Shine & Burn'

'Shine & Burn'

Gerry Hawkins (Cryogenic Echelon) and Jade Pegg (Acidtrixx) as Avarice In Audio are a match made in electronic music heaven. Hawkins' cutting edge electronic work with Cryogenic Ecehelon and Pegg's classical training and production expertise come together to blend ebm, trance, edm, and synthpop to create some incredibly euphoric alternative electronic music geared towards the dance floor.

The band have found a natural home on Belgian label Alfa Matrix, and the band's first full-length studio album 'Shine & Burn' repays the label's faith immediately. The album is hard, fast, dance-friendly and blends distorted male vocals and soaring female vocals in a way that recalls acts such as Juno Reactor, Covenant and Aesthetic Perfection.

The album is crammed full of potential singles with the likes of 'Feed The Addiction' (Featuring Ascension EX), 'The Cassandra Complex', 'Punished', 'Frostbite', 'Heartless Disaster' (featuring XP8), 'China White', and 'Behind Your Mask' (Featuring MiXE1) in particular standing out and showing just what a strong song writing partnership Hawkins and Pegg are. Any of these tracks, or in fact any on the album, have strong potential to become worldwide club favourites

The album is fresh, energetic and accessible in its approach. The production is excellent as always and the whole package just shows a continued growth from their initial demos into a solid and high quality project.

'Shine & Burn' lives up to the expectations that the individual members' solo endeavours create. The songs are memorable and emotive. The production is lush and modern, and the guest spots add a different dimension to the proceedings. Lets hope the duo keep up the momentum and give us a sophomore offering as soon as possible.

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