Thursday 20 November 2014

Review: Black Nail Cabaret – 'Satisfaction'


The Hungarian noir pop duo Black Nail Cabaret, AKA Emke and Sophie, have been pushing their own brand of dark and sultry synthpop since 2008. The ladies have already amassed some impressive live credits in support of their 2012 début album 'Emerald City', although they've yet to make any significant stirrings outside of the continent. Though that looks like it is about to change if 'Satisfaction', the preliminary single from the band's forthcoming sophomore effort 'Harry Me, Marry Me, Bury Me, Bite Me', is anything to go by.

The lead track is a club-friendly mix of dance beats and purred vocals that recalls the likes of Annie Lennox and Mona Mur set to some very sexy synth melodies. The b-side 'Elizabeth' is a deep and dark track that makes good use of trip-hop beats and minimalistic haunting synths as Emke leads through an engaging narrative.

The single also features remix contributions from People Theatre and Haujobb which up the club potential a little more. People Theatre push the bass and big synth melodies to the fore for a big dance-friendly mix. While Haujobb go for a slower and darker take on the original.

The single is well produced and feels distinctly fresh and modern while maintaining some elements of the classic synthpop sound. The mix feels light and gives the songs a near minimalist vibe, which adds the the drama of them.

'Satisfaction' is a strong lead single that hints at a dark and narratively driven album that will be both haunting and dance-friendly. Hopefully 'Harry Me, Marry Me, Bury Me, Bite Me' will be able to live up to to the expectations that 'Satisfaction' has created.  

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