Wednesday 5 November 2014

Review: W.A.S.T.E – 'Warlord Mentality'

'Warlord Mentality'

Rhythmic noise maestros W.A.S.T.E return with their fourth full-length studio outing 'Warlord Mentality'. Blending their trademark rhythmic noise and industrial blend with dark ambient and power electronics, the new album sees the trio continue to grow and develop their sound in new and interesting directions including an unexpected but brilliantly executed cover... vocals and all!

With ten years experience under their belts and a career that continues to gather momentum with every release, W.A.S.T.E have everything in their corner to deliver a big, hard hitting album. And that is exactly what 'Warlord Mentality' gives us. Still recognisably rhythmically orientated, the dark ambient synths used throughout soften the harshness and give the songs a more accessible dance appeal. It is still on the hardest end of the dance spectrum but it is definitely a more well-rounded release that utilises the best of the band's arsenal.

Songs such as 'Are We just Animals', 'Warlord Mentality', 'Destroy What Destroys You', 'No More Feelings' and 'Kill Something' give the album it's backbone and drive the hard dance rhythms to the fore. While the schizophrenic 'Scream All You Want' amps up the noise for a fittingly demented closing track. But it is the unexpected but very welcome cover of The Offspring's 'Gone Away' with its vocal contribution from ESA's Jamie Blacker that is the album's crowning glory. Still as hard and industrial as hell, the band create a very different take on the original song that will surely become a stand out at clubs across the world.

The band's sound has continued to develop and evolved, and despite staying primarily rhythm-focussed the layering of dark and ominous synths separates the layers and gives the album a more mature sound that is reflected in the production and mix.

'Warlord Mentality' is perhaps W.A.S.T.E's strongest and most well-developed sounding outing yet. There is still that maniacally heaviness to the song writing, and they never pull their punches. But it is evident that the band are continuing to push themselves hard and if this is anything to go by, they will justly reap the rewards of doing so.  

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