Thursday 11 February 2016

Of Sex & Shame

It’s ironic that in 2016, sexuality is still something that is being shunned, shamed, and shut out of the mechanism of human behaviour in society.
Ironic, because we also live in a world where there is so much sex available, everywhere, all the time.
The subtlety of thinking lies in the fact that the sex is indeed available, but it is outside of our selves. We are not taught to open up inside to our sexuality, to learn how to understand ourselves through sex.

You’re horny? Here’s everything you can look at to get off. No need to figure out why. No need to understand. There’s porn, there’s the strip clubs and burlesque shows, there’s the escorts, the vibrators and the blowup dolls.
Meanwhile, they’re completely removing sex ed from the school curriculums.
Figure that one out. Like it doesn’t matter anymore to learn about sex, and the way your body works, and how to protect yourself from STIs, and unwanted pregnancies.

Yesterday, someone made a derogatory comment towards me in regards to my active sex life. It’s never happened to my face, before.
I made a joke out of it, because yes, I have an active sex life, and I love it. I love sex, I love connecting with people through sex, and above all, I love learning more and more about myself, every time, through sex. I fully acknowledge how I do wear my sexuality on my sleeve, and I never believed in shaming sexuality. To me, it would be like shaming someone for anything they do, or like.

So I made a joke out of that comment. Because arguments on that topic have been going on for years and years, and I feel that in 2016, it’s high time they came to an end, and that we should look on the other side, for a change. For the sake of evolution.
Sex is one of the greatest ways to discover yourself. But people fail at it. Like they pretty much fail at discovering their own selves, more often than not.
Which is a shame, in itself, in 2016. It’s a shame to see how people keep constantly looking for things outside themselves to fill up their lives.
Instead of indulging in diving inside to figure themselves out, to learn how to love themselves better and accept everything that makes them who they are, and understand what they need to transform inside, so as to keep becoming a better person, if only for themselves.

Sexuality is a major part of who I am, and of my art. 'Original Game', my second album, is a study of desire, of sex as this game we play with ourselves and with others. The songs are intended for you to feel like they’re having sex with you, as you listen to them, as you let their groove take over you.
Just the way I like to write music.
Just the way I like music.
I know sex may not be as important to others as it is to me, but discovering and understanding yourself, that’s something that should be everyone’s priority. That’s how we humans should be raised. But we’re not. We are raised to judge, and fear, and evade what is inside ourselves.
And to judge, fear and evade everything we are not.
For me to have been shunned for being promiscuous means only that fear of evolution is always closer to me than I’d think it would be, that the minds and hearts of people are not where I would like them to be, sometimes.
And that, to me, is a shame.
The pleasure of life is an open mind, that’s a line in one of the songs from my Original Game.
So let me stick to that.

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