Wednesday 10 February 2016

Review: Z'ev – 'Eleven Mirrors To The Light'

'Eleven Mirrors To The Light'

Z'ev is an artist with an imposing discography. A long-standing and dense collection of tribal, industrial, and experimental works that seem dense and endless. But for those daring to step into them they are ultimately rewarding. Z'ev has long been considered an pioneering artist, whether through his music or his other works, he paved the way for the likes of Test Department, Einstürzende Neubauten and many other rhythmic acts over the past 30+ years.

'Eleven Mirrors To The Light' completes a trilogy of albums that began with 2009's 'Sum Things' and projects perhaps one of the most obscure sound pallet in the artists history. Long and winding metallic drones permeate the hearts of the tracks walking a fine line between ambient and noise. Metal on metal, mechanical and organic at the same time as if it is a recording of some cyclopean biomechanical city echoing in the dark corners of the cosmos.

Tracks such as 'Aina', 'Eadrom', 'Speil', 'Mirall', 'Golau', and 'Kathreftis' provide the album with its most enthralling points but the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. And when listened to in the context of the preceding albums in the trilogy it feels like a grand exclamation closing a long and arduous journey.

With its focus on textural sounds and the interplay of harsh noise and hypnotic ambiance you'd think the production would be an afterthought. But it isn't. It has a crisp, modern sound to it that pulls even the deepest sounds out from the midst of the cacophonous mix.

'Eleven Mirrors To The Light' is not easy listening in the least. Rather it challenges you to listen deep and find the beauty in the din. And it is there. There is a definite hypnotic and meditative quality to the album, but nonetheless one that encourages an active listening process. It's not one for everyone but long-time fans of experimental music and Z'ev will find this captivating.  

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