Wednesday 17 February 2016

Review: Colossloth – 'Outstretch Your Hand For The Impress Of Truth'

'Outstretch Your Hand For The Impress Of Truth'

Leicester’s Colossloth has for ten years been creating some of the most interesting experimental and ambient music in the country. Mixing drone, ambient, noise and proto-industrial nuances this solo project has consistently produced unique sonic craftsmanship. The harsh and unusual noises, and abstract rhythmic modes are often juxtaposed against unfathomably cinematic textures and the result is an evolving an meditative experience that despite the often dissonant qualities is quite hypnotic. The solo project's newest offering on Cold Spring Records 'Outstretch Your Hand For The Impress Of Truth' is no exception.

Tracks such as 'The Flavour Of The Weak', 'Cave In We Are Complete', 'Outstretch Your Hand For The Impress Of Truth' , 'The World Keeps Turning (On Me)' and 'Of Talons And Teeth' utilise subtle yet cavernous drones before punctuating them with hard and discordant noises. While the likes of 'Your Flag Stands For Nothing', 'Paint Her Face to Simulate The Bloom', and 'The Nameless Saint' experiment with abstract rhythmic constructions and even simple but haunting piano melodies amidst the din to build a varied display of affecting noise.

With the artist rooted in experimental and noise music you'd be forgiven for dismissing the production side of things and thinking everything is drenched in distortion and sounded like it was recorded in a tin bathtub. But it isn't. The ambient side of the album informs the production which is in-turn cavernous and almost cinematic in its execution which gives the tracks clarity and grandeur.

For fans of experimental music Colossloth are a shining light and 'Outstretch Your Hand For The Impress Of Truth' is a great example of how to make high-quality experimental music that can play with genres and still doesn't rehash what has come before. It is a strong album and although it's audience won't be huge, it will nevertheless find favour with fans of experimental music.  

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