Tuesday 23 February 2016

Review: Dperd – 'V'


Three years on from their last outing, Italian darkwave duo Dperd return with their latest full-length album 'V'. The band's ethereal edge receives perhaps its most intense and elegant showing to date with a gorgeous blend of dreamy atmospheres and gripping dark rock that draws on the likes of Dead Can Dance, Lycia, This Mortal Coil, And Cranes.

One criticism that could be levied at the band's last album 'Kore' is despite having all the pieces present to make a truly captivating album, it never really got going. However this time the band got for it straight away with tracks such as 'Frenetica', 'I Believe In You Song', 'The Way Down Song', 'Paura E Fede', and 'Do They Know Song' leading the charge with a fine blend of soaring vocals, memorable guitar lines and texturally satisfying song construction.

Tracks such as 'Cercando Solitudine', 'Aspettare Che Il Mondo Passi', and 'Vorrei Una Vita Semplice' don't quite hit the mark as much as the others, however the band keep the quality consistent throughout and the album never really falters.

In terms of production the album isn't a huge leap forward from 'Kore' however it is still a very solid and well mixed album that keeps the focus on the vocals but allows the rest of the instrumentation to shine through when it needs to give the track that extra kick, which was one thing that ddn' come across as much on the last album.

Dperd have constructed a great album here. It isn't perfect but it is one of the strongest in their fifteen year career and one that they should quite rightly feel proud of. The band's attention to detail shines through and the songs beg to be listened to in an intimate setting. Hopefully they will continue to build in this direction.  

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