Tuesday 16 February 2016

Review: Various Artists – 'Undead & Open-Minded Volume 1'

'Undead & Open-Minded Volume 1'

Sometimes you just can't beat a compilation album. They're good for when you want a little variety, when you're looking for new bands, and for parties. They're even better when they're free. And 'Undead & Open-Minded Volume 1' from Electrozombies is just such a compilation. Featuring a range of killer electronic acts (an impressive 27 in total) taking in genres such as ebm, darkwave and synth-pop the album is an essential a great party play list.

Acts such as Psy'Aviah, Junksista, Machinista, Atomzero, nTTx, The Sweetest Condition, and Scarlet Soho will be familiar names to Intravenous Magazine readers, and all provide some great tunes respectively. They're joined by the likes of Parralox, Sexy Suicide, Julien-K, Astari Nite, Dust Heaven, Eurotix, and Train To Spain whose contributions alone would be more than worth the price of a regular download.

Unusually for a compilation album there is very little drop in quality. The styles may vary but the strength of the song writing on display here, as well as the performances and execution of each contribution is solid across the board.

Straight synthpop flows into darkwave, with ebm dance beats and industrial malevolence aplenty as the track list evolves. The songs are catchy and show off a wide-range of sounds and talents from around the world. The album is curated really well with a nice flow to the running order, while each track sounds fresh and high quality.

If you're an electronic music fan looking for fresh sounds, a cool playlist, or you just love free music, then 'Undead & Open-Minded Volume 1' is one for you. The size and variety on offer here is great and for free, you can't turn your nose up at it.

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