Wednesday 3 February 2016

Review: Der Noir – 'A Certain Idea Of Love'

'A Certain Idea Of Love'

The italiabn trio known as Der Noir are one of those delightfully unusual bands. their latest offering 'A Certain Idea Of Love' is a curve-ball of an EP that sees the band create an experimental infused collection of cold wave instrumentals that is just rather cool. Spiky guitars, throbbing mechanical beats, icy cold synths, and cavernous atmospheres come together to create some contemplative listening.

'An Idea Of Love' opens with a steady martial beat dominating the track while the post-punk guitars and cool synth embellishments give it wonderfully dreamy edge that pulls you in. 'Cold Kiss' sees Simona Ferrucci of Winter Severity index contribute abstract vocals and guitars to a bend of spacy synths and minimal beats to create a modern take on psychedelic krautrock.

'Antarctica' is a luscious centrepiece of minimalistic beats and swirling synths that recalls Jean Michel Jarre, Philip Glass and Vangelis in its construction. 'Albatros' follows on with a more industrial leaning sound that breaks out more distorted sounds and yet retains a psychedelic ambiance as well. The final track 'Blue' swerves into Enigma territory with its echoing choral vocals, watery synths and early 90s beats.

The EP has a nice minimal sound with all the elements sounding clean and distinct from each other, which gives the songs a greater illusion of space. There are a few sounds used that sound a little outdated by modern electronic standards, and it is fairly standard cold wave in some parts but it is still an interesting exercise.

'A Certain Idea Of Love' may not reinvent the wheel, but it is a solid enough EP from a very cool band that attempts to move out of their comfort zone. It may not quite succeed, but where they do get it right, it makes for a very enjoyable experience.  

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