Monday 20 March 2017

Amy Lee releases 'Speak to Me'

One of my favorite bands of all the time are the so-hated-and-insulted EVANESCENCE. Their lyrics, their videos, their concepts and ideas for each of their tracks, and even the photoshoots they have had over the years make me think sometimes. Of course I have a favoritism for AMY LEE, who has proven herself as an amazing singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist… pretty much like of my visual, incarnated definitions of music on this Earth, to summarize.

When I saw months ago that she was working on a new song, I practically ran through the Internet in order to see what I could discover. SPEAK TO ME is the end title song for “Voice from The Stone,” an independent, American supernatural psychological thriller film directed by Eric D. Howell and written by Andrew Shaw, which is based on the novel of the same name by Italian author Silvio Raffo.

The song is presented in a dramatic, slow tempo with a piano and an entire orchestra dancing together at the rhythm of Lee’s ghostly voice. The darkness in each of her words has an incredible elegance and finesse, contrasting with her previous wild and violent style but matching the most recent releases like the 2016 version of Evanescence’s Even in Death and her single Love Exists.
Voice from the Stone will be released on 28 April 2017 in limited release, video on demand and digital HD. Keep an eye on your favorite movie theater so you won’t miss the premier! Here are some BTS pictures from its music video and the preview video Amy released with clips from the movie and part of the recording process.

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