Thursday 2 March 2017

Review: MiXE1 – 'Don't Break Apart'

'Don't Break Apart'

It's been a while since we last heard from electro-rockers MiXE1. Their last outing was the very promising 'Starlit Skin' in 2014 which showed off the band's sound augmented by the newly included guitars and live drums. The end result is a punk-infused electro-rock, full of big choruses and dance friendly-melodies, but with enough room for additional experimentation. Three years on Mike Evans and co. return with their latest single 'Don't Break Apart'.

The new single already shows a significant step-forward from the last album with a more polished presentation that reveals a big emotionally-charged electro rock anthem that packs a very powerful kick. The slow and synth-led beginning erupts into a sing-a-long chorus boosted by the power of the guitars and drums that continue to push the song forward, temporarily finding room for a big breakdown, before kicking it up a notch for the close of the song.

The title track is followed by b-side, 'Meteor', which kicks off with a nice dirty guitar riff right off the bat before going into a hard and heavy assault reminiscent of early Orgy, Static-X, Powerman 5000, and Mad Capsule Markets held together by Evans emotional pop vocal projection.

The single is rounded off by a dark and claustrophobic remix courtesy of Ruinizer that elevates the original track into a more desperate and industrial flavoured cut.

As mentioned earlier the production has come on a lot. Evans has always been ambitious but this single shows that he is now hitting his stride in both song-writing and execution. The synths have the power of big dance hits alone, and when coupled with the vocals, guitars and drums, the end result is almost cinematic in atmosphere.

This is a very strong single that shows a band reaching their potential having taken the time to commit and work hard on their sound. The single indicates the next full-length from the band will definitely be one to watch out for. But in the meantime there is plenty here to whet a few appetites.  

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