Tuesday 28 March 2017

To Be A Witch

Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg, by Paul Kidby

To be a witch
Is mostly about
The intent
The reasons behind
Doing what you
Do and
Being who you
It's about
Knowing one's self
And understanding that there
Is a purpose to life
Beyond living it for
One's Self

To be a witch is to
Learn, constantly, openly, and
Perfecting one's mastery of
The Craft
It is about
Perpetuating the
Studies and understandings of
Generations upon generations past

I've always been a fan of
Granny Weatherwax, the
Crone from the Discworld series by
Terry Pratchett.
She know what she's doing.
Like. She knows exactly what she's
(There was always a part of me that thought it was mostly made-up, what she does, but now, with my own work, and learnings and understandings, I've come to realize that no -it's mostly real.
It's mostly actual things you can do
When you dedicate yourself to these learnings and understandings.)

A fashion, another fad of pop culture, perhaps these days, but to
Me, and all the others, it's a
Thing we do.
It's a thing we
From palmistry to reiki, to numerology, tarot readings and scurrying, we find ourselves
Connected, entertwined to that which is
Bigger than ourselves, us all, us humans.

The trees speak, and so do the
Stars, the Moon and the Waves of the

Our third eyes are being forced closed.
It is rebellious to choose, and strive, to keep them
Wide open.

Act in love, selflessly, and remember to keep a
Clear mind, and an open
Walk your path, and shine your own light
You know who to call upon when the road will

Alone, we learn to
Heal ourselves, and
Together, we heal the

All in love, for the good of all.

So mote it be.

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