Monday 27 March 2017

New movie trailer: Death Note from Netflix

This Tuesday, Netflix revealed the teaser trailer for their upcoming Death Note film, the first American version of the popular manga and anime that many of us love and that remains as an important part of our youth, like Fullmetal Alchemist, which is also about to become a film.

However, this video sparked controversy, since several fans were disappointed to see that, allegedly, the film would be geared to the action genre. Also, some followers criticized the altered designs of the notebook, with a different cover, spine and inner pages.

Death Note follows the story of Yagami Light, or Light Turner, in the case of this movie, when he discovers a singular notebook that can kill a person only by writing their name on its pages. Light see this as a chance to become the God of a new world, killing criminals, but also drawing the attention of one of the most important detectives in the world: L.

This new version of Death Note is directed by Adam Wingard and will be released worldwide in August 2017.

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