Thursday 23 March 2017

Review: In Death It Ends – 'Resonate 528'

'Resonate 528'

In Death It Ends has been an interesting project to follow over the past few years. Ranging from with house, to experimental to proto-goth and industrial elements, every release is a guessing game. Alongside a range of high-quality physical release Porl King has made time to release plenty of free singles and EPs as well.

The latest free offering is the single 'Resonate 528' from the new physical album wish machine. Reminiscent of the 'Forgotten Knowledge' album from 2012 with a blend of minimal darkwave and experimental electronics, this time inspired by radionics/psionics and incorporating a radionic device. It's an infectiously groovy track that harks back to some of the best work from IDIE. Long-time fans will undoubtedly find this a familiar direction, while newcomers will get a taste for a nice cross-section of the IDIE style.

Production-wise the song is minimal and experimental. But it is also quite accessible with it's central groove and beat tempering the eclectic electronic experiments underneath. King has long ditched the low-fi sound and has continued to give his releases a crisp and modern sound, and this is no exception.

'Resonate 528' is another nice free taste of a very interesting and prolific project. It may only be a small taste of the wider 'Wish Machine' work, but it is nonetheless a good and satisfying one.  

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