Thursday 30 March 2017

Darkwave band Strvngers prepare new music video

Canadian darkwave duo Strvngers recently announced a new upcoming music video for their track Dressed to Kill, a fan favorite, and that was also included on their first album, Sonic Erotica, their independent release in January 2016.

When I briefly talked with Kyle Craig, one of the band's integrants, about this video, he said excited that "It's coming out soon! Get ready ❤" but decided not to reveal more details, so all we know so far as that it will come out in April.

Dressed to Kill is part of the band's second album, Strvngers, released on November 18 with Negative Gain Productios, which you can buy on Apple iTunesGoogle PlayAmazon Music and Spotify.

The band is scheduled to present on Caligary this March 31 with GOST and Die Scum Inc, in June 16 at Edmonton with Severed Heads, Cygnets and iVardensphere, and again in Caligary on July 28 for the Terminus Impact Music Festival with artists like 3Theeth, Pig and The Birthday Massacre, among others.

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