Thursday 23 March 2017


In my previous articles over the past few months I have dealt with ideas of the magic of the outsiders, the witchcraft of the oppressed, and how to dance amongst the pyres of the incoming storm. These are simply suggestions of strategies, decorative ideas that we can wear, primitive masks to protect. So how would a more integrated and internalised form of resistance develop? If we cannot all join barricades that are burning down and there is no winter palace left to storm, how can we fight and live at the same time?

The idea of an oppositional spirituality is one that can be interwoven into the daily practice of one's life; something that can be integrated into how we react to the world, no matter what we do. The personal may be political, but it must also be resistant. To do this we can call upon the prototype of the opposer, and the image of the adversary. Lucifer is, of course, the original manifestation of that spirit – but there are others too, from Lilith to Faust to Sade. The source is not to important as the energy we deprive from it.

Essentially there is a basic oppositional force in the universe. There is a conflict in all things – in all social groups, ideas, bodies, relationships, states, minds. To exist is to be opposed. The world is a complex mesh of competing existences, forces, ideas. Lucifer is the idea of the oppositional force. It is a concept. And with it we can use it to channel our spirit of resistance.
This is the idea that I call Infinite Resistance. It is to commit yourself in mind and body to never be ruled, never be conquered, never be oppressed, and not to conquer or rule or oppress. It is an understanding, at the root, that you will never give in. It is a spiritual commitment.
In practice this means supporting all those fighting oppression, all forces of resistance. It means harnessing ideas of the outcast, the slave, the witch. It means knowing whose side you're on. It means always challenging, being alert. It means a daily practice of applied thought, action and resistance.
And what glorious peace of mind it brings. A promise you make to yourself. At one with the rocks and the sea and the stars. With such a commitment, you can be truly free. It is a kind of eternity. You can't lose if you fight forever.
So try to find ways to absorbing that spirit, that unbreakable flexibility of will, and the iron in the soul to always resist. As Milton put it so well - "All is not lost, the unconquerable will, and study of revenge, immortal hate, and the courage never to submit or yield.”

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